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imageFishing the Bucktail, by John Skinner is a great book that gives a novice angler many tips and tricks to enhance their performance when fishing a bucktail. Skinner started out the book by going into great detail about all of the gear that you will use in order to be the most successful. John lists off multiple rod and reel combinations that compensate for a variety of situations that an angler will find himself in. Skinner then goes on to explain to his readers  that the most common mistake fishermen make is when picking out the right gear to use. I think that this chapter is one of the most important in the book, because the gear you use is the foundation of this type of fishing.

Overall I thought that this book was very helpful in the sense that Skinner went into great detail when explaining his logic and reasoning for why he fishes the way he does. Being an avid angler myself, I could tell clearly that John knew what he was talking about and was very confident in his techniques, and that he is a credible source. I feel very confident that when I go out and apply some of the knowledge I acquired from reading his book, that I can escalate my odds of landing the fish of a lifetime.

This book has had a great impact on how I fish from here on out. I will now have many new tools that can give me the upper hand, and will leave the competing fisherman struggling. Being that I am a commercial fisherman during the summer, I now have the potential to increase the amount of fish I catch which in return will result in greater earnings for myself. I think that this book is great for someone like me who not only fishes as a source of income, but for someone who has a great passion for fishing. Anyone who likes fishing can learn a lot from John.

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