Valentine D.

Maus is a graphic novel about the life of Vladek Spiegelman, a holocaust survivor. He recounts his and his wife Anja’s suffering during the war to his son Art. He talks about the bunkers he and his family built to stay hidden. He remembers being scared consistently. He had a son in 1937 that was killed by drinking poison so that he wouldn’t have to suffer in Auschwitz.

I had heard of the book because it won a Pulitzer Prize. And I was very surprised the way it was presented. It makes the story more personal than when you learn about the masses of people killed. It makes it especially awful because of the images that seem to haunt you after.

My family help hide Jews during World War 2 so I feel a special connection to the story because of my family history. And the intended audience is the new generation that studies the war in class and doesn’t understand the horror because of the way schools present history. It’s in comic book style and does make the story more appealing to the youth.