Jessica M.

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     Code of Honor, by Alan Gratz is an action packed book that allows the reader to see deeper into the aspect of family loyalty. Kamran Smith is a senior in high school who has a popular girlfriend and trustworthy best friend. His life is perfect, he is the star of the football team and is following in his big brother, Darius’s, footsteps and enlisting in the Army at West Point. Kamran’s mother is Iranian but he and his family are American citizens and have always been accepted as so, until one day, when Darius is accused of being a terrorist on national TV and convicted of a Turkish attack on the US Embassy. Sooner than later, the news spreads throughout Kamran’s school, and everyone turns against him, even his girlfriend and best friend.

     Kamran refuses to believe that Darius is a terrorist even through the various videos of him specifically targeting his own country. Kamran and his family become the spotlight of national tv trying to discover what is happening with Darius. Kamran knows that the only way to clear Darius’s name is to put pieces and clues together of secret codes that he and Darius used when they were together as kids. Through the use of imaginary references that Darius uses in the videos, Kamran knows something is going on. Kamran starts trying to piece things together when he is captured by Homeland Security and questioned. Darius’s guilt is twisted and turned by what Kamran is feeling. Here, Kamran meets people who help him uncover the truth behind Darius. It is completely unsure until the end of the book who can be completely trusted but that is what makes the story so thrilling.
     I thoroughly enjoyed this book to the point where I could not put it down. It was constantly intriguing the audience into more and more action. The ideal audience for this book are people who are drawn to action stories and/or military novels. It stands as a true and honest standpoint of where family loyalties lie and how far someone will go to prove your innocence when they have complete trust in you. It is unbelievable how much a senior in high school has so much military intelligence and can overpower people as strong as the FBI. Overall, Code of Honor was a thrilling and fascinating novel about how Kamran believes Darius would never go against their “code of honor”.