Sammi M.

A Bend In The Road, by Nicholas Sparks, follows a life of a Miles Ryan, who lost his wife from a hit and run accident. He takes care of his son, Jonah, who is in the second grade, and is a police deputy in the town of New Bern, North Carolina. He has not felt happy since his wife died two years ago, and once he meets Jonah’s Second grade teacher, Sarah Andrews, who has just moved to New Bern from Baltimore after having a terrible divorce with her ex- Husband, his world changes and he feels so happy and in love with her.

Miles tries to figure out who killed his wife, and has a folder filled with all of the details from the accident. Miles receives a note from Jonah’s teacher that she wanted to have a meeting about Jonah. Miles goes into the meeting and meets Sarah Andrews, Jonah’s teacher. Miles quickly falls in love with her as soon as he sees her. Jonah has been  struggling in school due to his other teachers letting him do what he wants in class since his mother had passed away. After the meeting, they decided to go out on a date with each other which turned into multiple dates with each other. A turn of the story happens when Miles finds out who exactly killed his wife, which is a shock to Miles and Sarah.

I extremely enjoyed this book that I was able to finish it so quickly. More and more events were happening throughout the book that you did not want to stop reading it and just wanted to find out what would happen. This book is for people who enjoy tear-jerker novels and romance novels. This book shows a father and son who have been struggling since their wife/mother had died and the impact that the death has on them.

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