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The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, tells the story of a boy named Thomas who wakes up in The Glade, a huge courtyard, with no memory of anything.  The novel is the first of a four-book series that describes Thomas’ new life in the Glade, which inhabits a civilization of only young boys who also have no memory of their past life.  The huge courtyard that they call home is surrounded by a gigantic, extremely deadly maze, and the goal amongst the boys is to escape.  The only problem with this is that the maze is literally impossible to solve, for the boys have been working on it for two years.  Thomas had felt he had a purpose since the day of his Arrival.  When the first girl to come to the Glade arrives with a peculiar message, his purpose is confirmed.

One thing I love about the book is the smartness of the kids, and the diversity of the characters.  The kids who have been transported to and are living in the Glade have figured out how to run a steady civilization, and that blows my mind.  The children have created different jobs to make their civilization run fluently.  The different jobs cause for diversity among the Gladers, which once again just blows my mind because of how smart these kids are to keep a civilization running so smoothly for so long.

Through struggle, sacrifice, and adventure, James Dashner never ceased to keep me turning the pages.  This book was probably one of my favorite books I have read and I am surely going to continue to read the next three novels in the series.  Gripping cliff-hangers and unexpected twists kept me locked in the story throughout the whole book.  The story stayed intense and action packed from beginning to end.  I am a huge action/sci-fi person and highly recommend it to anyone with the same interests because the book kind of reminds me of a mix between The Hunger Games and The 5th Wave.

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  1. I have already read The Maze Runner, and I agree with you about how amazing the kids’ ability to create a civilization was. I have never read The 5th Wave, so I might have to read that now, because I liked The Maze Runner, just like you.


    • I highly recommend The Fifth Wave, and thank you for your comment agreeing with me! The Maze Runner is a very good read.


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