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Zoo by Graham Marks is an intense, action packed novel that follows the story of Cameron Stewart, a 17 year old high school student who is an all star football player and lives a pretty normal life.  The story opens up to a couple of detectives standing outside Cam’s house where he was kidnapped in broad daylight the day before.  This story is told from two points of view, which I find very clever and it helps me understand what is going on better.  It is told from the point of view of the detectives, and Cam himself.  It is interesting to see how the police officers work together to try and find Cam, but the thrill of Cam’s journey to safety is what I enjoyed reading the most.  Cam awakens in a strange house.  He has no idea where he is or why he was kidnapped.  He did not live in a wealthy family so he figured they accidentally kidnapped the wrong kid.  He wasted no time escaping.  He took a can of aerosol and sprayed the man guarding his room in the face until he collapsed.  He choked on his own vomit and died.  Now Cam was on the run, but he had no idea where he was, or where he should go.

The death of Cam’s guard had a huge impact on the story because out of fear of being caught for what he had done, Cam refused help from the police.  Instead Cam came across a beautiful young woman named Tee, and her jealous, intimidating boyfriend, Jaxon.  Cam manages to find a pay phone and call his father who tells him where to find safety, but the “safe” haven his father suggested was anything but that as Cam was shot in the arm.  When treating the wound, Tee discovered a chip in Cam’s arm.  Cam recalled his parents taking him to a strange doctor when he was little and getting an injection in his arm.  But why had his parents done this?  As Tee and Cam progressively decode the microchip, Cam discovers the horrifying truth that he was kidnapped at birth and his parents have just been using him for his athletic abilities and planned to get rich off of his success.  

I truly enjoyed this rich piece of writing because it had many different aspects of action, suspense, romance, and plot twists.  I can not completely relate to Cam in this story although I am a high school aged male who is interested in sports, I have never been kidnapped or had a similar experience as Cam’s.  I think any high school aged person who is interested in action-packed thrillers, romantic stories, or clever, suspenseful books would thoroughly enjoy this piece of literature by Graham Marks.




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  1. Just from the summary, this sounds like a great book because of those surprising plot twists. I really enjoy mystery books because they keep me on the edge of my seat, and this story seems like it could do that too. Good job Dylan, your analysis made me really think about reading Zoo.


  2. I really like action filled books that have some sort of mystery, so I think I’d like this. Great summary Dylan, I can’t wait to read the book. -Haley Williamson


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