Lindsey P.


Haunted, by Meg Cabot, is a tale of a teen who is “a liaison between the living and the dead.” Susannah happens to be a mediator and Jesse, from the nineteenth century living in her bedroom, can only seen by her, and Paul. Paul Slater, like Susannah, is also a mediator, and just like she is after Jesse, Paul is after Susannah. Susannah spends an unhealthy amount of time, obsessing over Jesse, although it is unrealistic for them to be an item, as the dead do not date the living, it just does not work out that way. Together, Jesse and Susannah dislike Paul, as this summer Paul tried to kill Susannah, and gave her lots of nightmares, almost getting rid of Jesse. Things go overboard when Paul walks into Susannah’s room, giving her no warning, and blurts out what happened recently between the Susannah and him, they made out. Overhearing this, Jesse angrily begins to attack Paul, and the fight goes downstairs to where her step-brother is having a party. Since no one can see Jesse, everyone gets extremely confused on what is happening to Paul, he looks like he is on drugs and beating himself up. In an attempt to fix this, Susannah, as a shifter, shifts to the nightmarish place that Paul took her to this summer. Upon waking up from shifting, after being unconsious, Susannah is unable to find Jesse. The next day at an event, Susannah slips off to find Jesse at his grave nearby, and they discuss why Jesse is leaving and the book winds down when the two share a kiss. The two are in love and Paul is out of the situation thanks to Jesse for standing up to him and beating him up.

Overall, in my opinion, this book is really great. I have read some of Meg Cabot’s books, including, All American Girl, the Princess Diaries, and I cannot wait to read Teen Idol. From my experience reading a few of Cabot’s books, they have been about a typical teenager, but with some sort of twist. In haunted, Savannah is a mediator, in the Princess Diaries, Mia is a princess, and in All American Girl, Samantha saves the president’s life and then dates his son. Similar to all these main characters, I am also a regular teenager, facing my own everyday issues, that seem so unrealistic when they occur. So, Cabot’s books are very easy to relate to for me and are very enjoyable with a sense of humor.

Since haunted, like many of Cabot’s books, feature a teenager showcasing many of their day to day problems, sometimes bigger, her books have a target audience for female teenagers or young adults who simply would like a good laugh. Though anyone who likes to read may enjoy it.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting book! It seemed like there was a love triangle between Paul, Susannah, and Jesse. Are you happy that Susannah and Jesse ended up together or do you wish that she had gone for Paul? Also which Cabot book is your favorite?


    • The ending of the book satisfied me now that I knew that Jesse did love Susannah. In my opinion though, I did not like Paul as a character, and am glad Susannah did not go for him! Personally my favorite book of Cabot’s is her Princess Diaries, and I highly recommend you read them.


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