Gabby D.

eleanor and park

Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell, shows the journey of an igniting spark of love between two teenage outcasts. Eleanor, the “weird” and chubby new girl, meets Park in the midst of being made fun of on the school bus. Eleanor struggles with life at home and life at her new school. Park shows Eleanor the light in her dark life while she is dealing with her abusive and controlling stepfather. This book truly puts a smile on anyone’s face with its happy, goofy, romantic moments, but it also creates the flowing of tears with its sad twists.

Eleanor attends her new school when she is welcomed back into her family after a year of being kicked out of her own home. Her mother only cares about pleasing Eleanor’s psycho (to say the least) stepfather. As Eleanor and Park bond overtime during their tedious bus ride to school over things like comics and CD’s, they begin to fall for each other. Park lives the perfect life with the perfect family while Eleanor lives a messed up life. The two lovers realize that they need each other more than they would have ever imagined. Their relationship starts to get complicated due to the fact that Eleanor must hide Park from her family (this being mostly her stepfather). Eleanor must leave and go into hiding after it all gets too much for her to handle.

You will have to read this book about two spunky teens looking for love to find out what happens between Eleanor and Park after their relationship gets hard. People of all ages, but mostly teenagers struggling with the awkward, crazy stages of high school could thoroughly enjoy this book.

5 thoughts on “Gabby D.

  1. This book sounds very interesting and and I’m curious to read more about Eleanor and Park and how the book ends!!!


  2. I have heard really good things about this book and your blog post has convinced me that I have to read it. Can’t wait to start it! -Haley Williamson


    • It’s really a great book I think you would enjoy it very much! The ending is a big twist! Thank you for commenting Haley!


  3. I read this book a while ago and I really like Rowell’s style of writing because of her character development, I just can’t get over the end. If you like this book then you would love Fangirl which is also by Rowell. I recently started it and can’t put the book down.


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