Owen M.


SLAM!, by Walter Dean Myers is a fictional story about a basketball star Greg Harris who is referred to as “Slam.” Slam lives with his Moms, Pops, and little brother in an unstable neighborhood in Harlem. Greg used to attend Carver, but ended up switching to Latimer. Latimer’s school population is mostly white, and its basketball program is nowhere as good as Carver. The school’s academic program is incredible, but Slam is not a great student.

Slam makes the basketball team even though the coach is not a fan of his attitude. Slam’s goal now is to lead the Latimer basketball team to the Tournament of Champions. Over the course of the season Greg faces many conflicts including failing school, getting in trouble in school, a girl named Mtisha, and his best friend, Ice, dealing drugs. The basketball team’s assistant coach, Goldy, tries helping Slam through his school problems. Goldy eventually helps Greg to solve most of his problems by the end of the book. The last game of the season for Latimer is against Carver and their main star Ice. If Latimer wins, they make the Tournament of Champions. If they lose, the season is over.

I enjoyed this book because it was full of cliffhangers and dilemmas. I constantly had the book on my mind as I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen next. Since I play basketball, I was able to connect with this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who plays basketball or someone who is dealing with multiple problems in their life.


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