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Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska, by John Green is a book filled with insane adventures and unfortunate events that will make readers smile ear to ear and cry from the heart-filled moments all in just 223 pages. While searching for his “Great Perhaps,” Miles Halters, nicknamed “Pudge”, leaves his home in Florida to go to Culver Creek boarding school. Whether Miles believed his Great Perhaps was at a boarding school, readers will never be certain. At the start of his first year at Culver Creek, he met some new friends named Chip Martin (nicknamed “The Colonel”), Takumi, and Alaska Young. Alaska Young caught Miles’ attention, and Miles soon became infatuated with the wild, adventurous, Alaska Young. Alaska stays a perpetual mystery to us readers and to Miles. Alaska Young is known for the crazy pranks she pulls on the school; she will go to the furthest lengths to play a good prank. Miles never understood Alaska Young, and he never would fully understand Alaska as a whole, even if he wanted to.

Alaska comes off as a strong person, although her past was not so perfect. Alaska’s mother died of an aneurysm. Though Alaska could not have technically done anything to stop her mother from dying, Alaska doesn’t go a day without blaming herself for her mother’s death. She always thinks that she should have been able to dial 911 instead of standing there in shock looking at her mother. This tragic event and the guilt she still feels when she thinks about it have stayed with Alaska her entire life, which lead to some significant problems and unanswered questions in the future. Someone who should read this book would be one who enjoys adventures and mysteries. Even though the mystery comes towards the end, it is a significant, unsolved problem that will make anyone think and want to dig deeper into the book.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this book because I like to figure out characters and learn each character’s story and past. In this book, John Green puts the story in Miles’ point of view, so readers will only learn things from Miles’ point of view, which means some things in the story will remain a mystery. I thought this book was also very interesting because of the adventures this friend group went through while at Culver Creek.

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  1. I have heard so many good things about this book! This blog post does a great job explaining the plot! I will definitely read this in the future because I love John Green.


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