Julie L.


        Just Friends is a fantastic book written by Billy Taylor. A 19 year old girl named August Bishop has been best friends with Ethan Knight for twelve years and their friendship continues to grow. August’s parents and even their good friend Max joke around asking if they are “together” yet. When coming home from a party an unexplainable miracle in a car accident occurs. August soon after gets a starring role in a movie and Ethan gets his own show, performing his magic tricks. During all the change in their lives, August and Ethan’s friendship grows. However, August may have realized she wants to be more than “just friends” with Ethan.

               The book was a telling story about a girl’s feeling towards her best friend. I thought it really connected to the lives of teenagers, Billy Taylor went into the depth of a friendship that took a turn when August felt something more. The book was very enjoyable, and I could not put it down. The book make you want to continue reading and I did not want it to end. Things happen throughout the book that makes you question whether August and Ethan were meant to be. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who like a funny and romantic type of book. The only complaint I had was that it almost ended to abruptly. Everything at the end I felt was rushed, but maybe it was all because I did not want it to end.
             Just Friends can relate to any audience who likes funny, but romantic types of books.  This book can reach out to a lot of girls who have a guy best friend, or a guy who may have feelings for a girl best friend.  From experience, when a girl has a guy best friend he is almost like a brother. You never really have boundaries or think about your feelings towards them, especially if you’ve known them since they were young. You tell each other everything and think feeling are just friendly. The book makes you second guess and wonder if there is something more than being “just friends.”