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I read Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand. This book is about Louie Zamperini and his involvement in World War II combat and the Olympics. He was a world class runner in the 5,000 meters in the Olympics, he placed eighth at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. After the Olympics he was drafted into World War II where he would then join the Army Air Corps. On one mission Louie and his friends Phil and Mac crashed their B-24 plane and were left to drift in the ocean on two tiny life rafts. The men had almost nothing with them on the rafts, they were stuck drifting across the Pacific Ocean for 47 days. They were discovered by a Japanese boat who rescued them from their rafts and were lead to an island to be tortured and put into labor camps. The story documents Louie’s time in World War II and his struggles along the way.

I enjoyed reading Unbroken because I found it to be a very inspiring story and it was an eye opener to the torture that thousands of men faced while enlisted in the military. This book taught me a lot about what we as civilians don’t know about the military and how unbelievably brutal being in a war can be. It was jaw dropping how Louie was able to survive under such extreme circumstances.

I was able to relate to this book because Louie was a track athlete and so am I. Even though I don’t run the 5,000 like Louie did I still understand where his dedication and determination came from. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading about a world class runner and their struggles throughout his life and World War II.

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  1. This type of book is not something i would normally read, but the great description of it has really changed my perspective! I definitely want to give it try.


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