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The book Thirteen Days by Robert F. Kennedy shows a snapshot of the past during a very strenuous time in American history. It goes in depth about the Cuban Missile Crisis a time in history where the world stood still preparing for what seemed to be an inevitable nuclear war. Robert F. Kennedy shows the story that people around the world didn’t get to see as it was happening. He is able to show the behind the scenes of the negotiations and how his brother and president at the time John F. Kennedy was able to handle the stressful situation to prevent a war with the Soviet Union.

This is a good read for anyone who is into Politics or U.S history. Even if you just wanted to educate yourself more about the Cold War this book goes into the event that got to the closest point of war. The book starts off right on day one of the events and shows the progression of how it escalated. It is able to hook the reader in with the fast paced style of the book. The quick transitions of day to day task that President Kennedy has to endure with his cabinet leaves the reader with suspense of what’s to come next. Although the outcome is already known it is still very fascinating and the reader is able to learn a few things that they didn’t know before because of the first hand account.

In my personal opinion I really enjoyed the book. As someone who is very interested in politics I found myself very surprised with the new facts I learned from reading this book. Robert F. Kennedy is really able to give the reader great insight to how his brother handled the situation and how it wasn’t just him making all the decisions ( not to get too much into the book ). JFK being one of my favorite presidents I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend to anyone who wants to look back into the history of our country.