Brendan S.

The biography, Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different, is a highly recommended book for all audiences that have any connection with the company Apple.  Karen Blumenthal does a great job describing Job’s life from beginning to end.  She writes about many stories from Steve’s life that truly show his distinct personality and unique ways of thinking.  I never knew what Jobs was really like until I read this book.  He often went to work barefoot, had diets that consisted of only carrots, and rarely showered.  He did strange things like stick his foot in the toilet bowl when he was stressed out and flushed it to massage his foot.  He was known to be selfish, rude, and ignorant in the workplace around his employees.  He would either tell his workers something is the most amazing thing he has ever seen or he tells them it is complete trash.  He had no in between and was often stubborn.  The negativity had good intentions, however, and created a multi-billion dollar business.  He changed the world making our lives easier with the new development of technology.   

In order to become a multi-billionaire Steve Jobs did not go down the typical path of success.  His odds were against him from the start of his life when his parents disowned him.  Steve was soon adopted by a couple with not much money to offer named Clara and Paul Jobs.  Their promise they made was to themselves was to save up enough money to put Steve through college. As an adolescent, Steve meets a friend named Steve Wozniak, who potentially co-founds Apple with Jobs, and are both fascinated in blue box phones.  They taught themselves to code these phones to make free international calls and sold them to their community at a young age.  By the time Jobs is ready for college, he decides on Reed College and soon drops out because he hates the structure of school.  He soon struggles with drug addiction.  Next, he moves back home with his family and gets hired at Atari where he learns many skills that lead to his future success.  He then quits his job and moves to India for spiritual guidance. He then starts the Apple business with a few friends in his parent’s garage and the company went on from there. Inventions that changed technology forever resulted from the man who thought differently known as Steve Jobs.

Growing up with technology from Apple always amazed me.  The improvements of its technology from each model of the computer, iPhone, or iPad takes people who think outside the box.  I was impressed with every meticulous detail of the development of the company that was chosen for a particular reason.   Some ideas that stuck with me from this book are that it is complicated to make something simple.  Also, Jobs believes that the goals that seem impossible to reach only come from crazy people, but without crazy people, the human race would never move forward.  After reading this book, I now pay closer attention to detail of how technology looks and try to find reasons why specific decisions were made in order to make the product perform the best of its ability.  Steve Jobs inspired me because he ignored all of the people that told him he can’t do things and he certainly proved the naysayers wrong.