Brian L.

The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton is a novel set in a city in the 60s. It is about a split society in the city, where one half of the city is rich and it is separate from the slums on the opposite side. The story follows the main character, Ponyboy, and his group of “greaser” friends who live on the poor side of town. There is a rivalry in the city between the greasers and the socs, who are the rich kids that have everything given to them. The story takes place in about a week of action where you are able to connect with the characters, and you follow the buildup of aggression between the greasers and the socs. The end of the novel has a “rumble” in which all of the greasers and socs beat each other until one group has to bail out.

This book is very good for anyone that grew up in the 60s because it would definitely bring you back. It is also good for anyone that wishes they grew up in that time period like myself. It brings you into a weekly life of these 14 to 23 year old kids that are constantly fighting and arguing. Hinton does a great job of letting the reader develop a connection with the kids in the story and having sympathy for them. There are quick transitions from scene to scene, and there is a lot of background information slipped into the text that further develops the reader’s connection with the characters.

I personally really liked this book because I would want nothing more than to grow up in a society like this. Where money was not easy to come by, kids worked for what they wanted, and everyone was tough and proud of it. It related to my life because me and my buddies consider ourselves pretty tough just like the characters in this story. I would recommend this book to anyone.