Brian S.

The Making of Donald Trump by David Cay Johnston is a very good book. Some of the key moments of the book are several of the lawsuits that Trump has filed or have been filed against him. Also other key moments was talking of Trump’s many business ventures and the scandals that are associated with these. It also discusses Trump’s business success and how that led him to politics. Some of the main characters in the book are of course Donald Trump but also his father Frederick Trump Jr. and his grandfather Frederick Trump Sr. It also discusses both of their lives and business ventures. My feelings about the book is that it is very well written. I like the way the author uses his facts to back up his arguments. He also adds in short stories for comic relief which keep the reader entertained. I would definitely overall recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a good read.

This book connects little to my overall life. It connects little because Trump is a very successful businessman and now the President of The United States and I am still a high school student. Although our lives are not alike and this book does not really connect to my life many of the themes throughout the book can be applied to my life. One of these themes that I can apply to my life is that sometimes you are going to have to do things in life to get ahead. Trump was always doing whatever he needed to further himself and get ahead which I think can be applied to my life and everyone’s. Also Trump’s theories on business can be seen as ways that people create a successful company which can realistically be applied to when creating anything in life which is why I can connect that to my life. This is how i connect this book to my life.

My perception of an ideal audience is anyone who wants to learn more or has an interest in Trump. It has many great facts about him and can definitely help out anyone who is trying to learn more. Also the ideal audience could be anyone who has an interest in business or politics. This book gives a good analysis of how Trump built his business mogul and also how he moved that into politics. This is who I believe would be the ideal audience for The Making of Donald Trump.