C.J. B.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a thrilling adventure into the science fiction world with a hint of comedy. The story follows Arthur Dent, an average man residing in an average home in a small village of England on the planet Earth. He begins the day in a quarrel over the demolishing of his house for a new bypass only to be unexpectedly thrown through a series of extremely improbable events which spark his journey through the universe. Along the way his alcoholic and supposed failed actor friend Ford Prefect reveals himself as an alien being who has been stranded on Earth while attempting to hitchhike planet to planet. Ford is in possession of an intergalactically well known document called The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which is an encyclopedia for knowledge of the universe and how to navigate it affordably. And so, the simple earthling Arthur Dent and extraterrestrial Ford Perfect embark on a journey full of things like the president of the galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox,  torturous poetry, and hyper intelligent rodents.

I thought the book was a great story even though it was a little short. My favorite aspect of the book is that it challenges the reader’s perspective of the world in terms of our scale to the universe. Satire relating to the Earth’s “culture” suggest we are not as special as we think. In one part the narrator teases the human invention of the digital watch as something humans ignorantly think of as technologically advanced compared to the rest of the galaxies complex innovations. The situations that the group is put into are also witty and interesting. The history of this hypothetical galaxy is extensively long and limitless where the answer to life’s ultimate purpose can be calculated to 42. Overall, I enjoyed the wide range of adventures Arthur is thrown to similar to how Douglas Adams throws his audience into his miscellaneous world.

This book relates to my life in it’s overall subject of science fiction. I like sci-fi movies and tv shows so a book that is considered a classic in that field seemed like a good book to read. I’ve heard about the book  but never any details relating to the story which allowed me to enjoy it fully.  I would recommend the book to people who enjoy science fiction or adventure tales. The book has a hint of comedy as well which might interest readers. The book is also a good start for new readers since it’s short but full of content so it doesn’t get boring.