Diogo D.

Game, by Walter Dean Myers, gives you the insight of an African American teenager growing up in the inner city and trying to get out and on to a better life with the help from his talents of basketball. Drew, the main character, has always dreamed about playing basketball at the next level. This story inspires many kids in tough situations to never quit, always work hard, and believe in yourself. Through any tunnel there is always a bright light at the end of it.

Drew lives with his hardworking father, worrisome mother, and confident sister in a small home. Drew plays guard at James Baldwin Academy.  His passion is certainly basketball, he would do anything to play basketball. His description of himself on a court playing is sort of his safe haven. But soon enough his coach midway through the season takes in a new player,  a white boy from Czech Republic, Tomas. This created a sense of panic and a sense of insecurity in Drew. He was jealous of all the praise the coach was giving Tomas. Drew began to think that Tomas was coming for his spot and the reason he might get it was due to his skin color. This novel shows the sense of racial separation that may still exist today. Drew persevered through his negative thinking and challenged himself to work harder, and improve his game. His goal were always to be unstoppable. He certainly accomplished that as he receives a division I scholarship.
Drew is a character that many of us can learn from, even though the future may be unclear and there are struggles in life, everyone must find a way to get through it and work hard to be the best that they can. Walter Dean Myers was very clear in his writing, you could picture everything in your head as you were reading this book. I loved the way the story spoke to me and motivated me. The challenges and struggles in this story is what captured its audience.