Jessica W.

A Dog’s Purpose is a novel written by W. Bruce Cameron which tells the story of a dog’s journey through four separate lives as he constantly trying to fulfill his purpose, which he doesn’t necessarily know. The beauty of this story is that everything is told from the dog’s point of view. We first meet our dog when he is a stray that is eventually rescued and named Toby. After Toby passes away he is born again with the same soul and memories of his past life, but he is now a brand new Golden Retriever puppy named Bailey. Bailey comes to have such a connection and love for his partner in crime, Ethan. Ethan is the son in the family that rescued Bailey. After Bailey lives a full life with Ethan he is surprised to see that after he dies he is once again reincarnated as a brand new female German Shepherd puppy named Ellie. Bailey assumed he had fulfilled his life’s purpose of growing up with Ethan and loving him every step of the way, but it is clear he has still not fulfilled his purpose or else he would not be reincarnated again as Ellie. Ellie is taken through all new adventures as a police dog that finds missing people. Eventually Ellie’s day come to an end as well, and it is in his next life that his true purpose is finally fulfilled.

Anyone who has ever loved dogs will absolutely fall in love with this story. I personally love how dogs are so loyal, loving, and always wanting food. All of these thoughts are constantly expressed in the book. The innocent mindset of a dog is captured so well in this book. I found myself laughing every time there would be a simple human action like kissing going on and the dog would be thinking “I don’t understand why their faces are close together, but I assumed it had something to do with food so I hoped bacon was coming”. That is not a direct quote, but you get the idea. Every dog owner will read this book and be able to relate to their dogs doing the same things that this dog does. I found myself laughing at all the little things I would read and think “Hey, that’s what my dog does”. If you have ever loved and lost a dog you were certainly feel sad during parts of this book, so there is your fair warning. However, the happiness outwieghs the sad. The background story lines regarding what goes on in the dog’s owners lives does add some drama and interesting plot line to the book so don’t worry it’s not just pages after pages of  “I want some bacon….oh look a squirrel”. Although the dog is the main character and narrator so those innocent puppy thoughts do exist. I would definitely say that every person that loves dogs should read this book. Especially if you’re the kind of person, like me, where every time you see a dog in public you get excited and all you want to do is pet it then you absolutely have to read this book. There is no age limit to loving dogs, so there is certainly no age limit to this book.