Shauna K.


         The book DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul is the first book of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles. The Dragon Keeper Chronicles is one of my favorite book series and is a partial inspiration to the book I’m currently writing. If you like fantasy and dragons and wizards and a plot that’s easy to follow this is the book for you. In this first book you meet the slave girl, Kale, and go with her on her quest to serve Paladin, a man who is bound to Wulder (Wulder is the ‘god’ of this book though it’s not a religious thing). Kale has a special power to locate dragon eggs and she is swept from being a slave girl to being so much more.  

       I like this book because I have an obsession with dragons and love anything dragon related. My favorite genre of books is fantasy/fiction so anyone who really loves the genre will definitely like this book. If you’re more of a nonfiction reader or wish that romance was the main focus of the book then this book is not for you.  

      There are five books in total to this series and the world that these characters reside in is very well thought out and put together. There are no major plot holes and it has a happy ending overall. Definitely worth reading the whole series all the way through!