Steve S.

Belichick and Brady by Michael Holley is a very well-written book about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and their success in New England.  The book takes a deep dive into their football lives, and how both of them worked their way up from the bottom to the top.  I thought a key part of the book was how Brady always rose to the competition and started from a lowly 4th string quarterback drafted in the 6th round to a Hall of Fame quarterback.  This was always a huge part of Brady as he had to fight his way up the depth chart at the University of Michigan before he even reached the NFL.  I found it intriguing how Brady was always so confident.  He told one of his roommates that he would beat out Drew Bledsoe for the starting job when he was just finishing his rookie season.  As a Patriots fan for my whole life, I knew how Tom Brady was always extremely hard working, but I did not know the whole extent of it.  Holley describes in detail how Brady would always be watching film and trying to improve his game.  I enjoyed getting an inside look at how Brady’s work ethic carried him to where he is today.  I also was able to get a look into Belichick’s view on team building and how revolutionary and different it was at the time.  Belichick was able to develop a winning team very quickly with his tactics.  

     This connected with my life because I grew up watching all these events with the Patriots and saw all their success firsthand as a fan.  This book enabled me to see what it was like on the inside and how the organization was constructed with coaches, players and front office managers.  I would recommend this book to all sports fans and football fans especially Patriots fans.  This book definitely fits that audience with all the sports talk that includes references to the other Boston sports teams.  However, anyone could read this book.  The book can be understood by non-sports fans and those who do not understand football because Holley does a very good job of putting it in layman’s terms. Overall, this is an excellent book that I would highly recommend.