Bobby B.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, is an interesting sci-fi book although it is long and drawn out.   It is a lengthy book but is easy to get hooked into the adventurous plot of survival and follows the aspects of different people.  It has a great plot and is drawn out just enough to give the reader the details needed to understand everything that is occurring in the book to full capacity.  It has a slow start but begins to pick up speed as characters learn more and more of what is happening around them.  The way in which it changes perspectives from one person to the next is a great tool.  It builds tension with one character’s point of view, and then relaxes when it switches to a different point of view, this leads to a heightened collective suspense.    

The aspects of the book switch between Cassie, Ben, Evan, and Sammy.  Although all very different characters, Cassie, Ben, and Evan all share the same common goal of going to save Sammy from what could mean certain death.  The character development is ultimately one of the biggest factors of the book that can hold a reader and have them wondering what will happen next.  The changes in the characters become most evident when the plot begins to unfold.  The true character is exposed crisis strikes and keeps the reader intrigued and engaged throughout.
I personally liked the book because the plot brings you in and keeps you invested.  I, not being an avid reader, had thought this book would be a daunting chore but as you are more consumed by the plot the pages seem to fly by.  Although the size of the book can be discouraging, I would recommend it to everyone who loves sci-fi.  It appeals to people who love aliens and survival books. This book is able pair both together very well to form a must read for sci-fi fans.