Katelyn Z.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is an amazing book. The two main characters are Amy and Nick. The two seem to be the perfect couple. Never got into too many arguments, were always happy and were completely in love. That’s what we were to believe. This relationship takes a turn for the worse when one day, Amy disappeared. The police are searching and everyone is making their best efforts to help find Amy. The problem is, the police have very few leads. The only clues they have to go off of are scattered notes left from Amy to Nick for their fifth wedding anniversary; which happened to be the day she went missing. Nick tries to hide many secrets from everyone possible, including the police, his twin sister Go and especially public media. Without any other leads, everyone begins to frame Nick for the murder of his wife Amy Dunne. We then learn many secrets and lies about Nick and Amy. But who really is the “bad guy”?

I admit that I am not a big reader. However, after reading only a couple of chapters of the book, I was hooked. The book is filled with suspense and mystery, which made me want to not stop reading. There are so many plot twists and surprises from beginning to end. The book held my attention throughout the whole story, which I find hard for myself. I think the book was written very well and I think Flynn did an amazing job of making the reader want to always read more.

I cannot connect my life to this book too much. The only connection I made was about lies. Many people, including myself, face lies every day coming from either friends, family or in relationships. In Gone Girl, we learn that those who lie do not always get caught or get in trouble, no matter how big the lie may be. I have faced situations like this when you know someone has lied about something, but since you only have your words to prove it, some may not believe you. From this, you have to learn to move on and not to dwell on the wrong decisions made by others, because just because they did something wrong, does not mean they will be punished for it.
I think the intended audience for this book is people that like suspense and crime stories. Within this falls murder, lies, drama, horror, mystery and many more aspects. So, if anyone enjoys any of these topics, I think she will find Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl perfect for her liking.