Mackenzie B.

Looking for Alaska, by John Green, is a young adult novel about Miles “Pudge” Halter’s experience at Culver Creek Boarding School. Miles has never had many friends, but is paired with a very outgoing roommate, Chip “Colonel” Martin, that changes Pudge’s experiences greatly. Pudge is obsessed with reading biographies and learning famous last words. He is seeking to find his “Great Perhaps” and is introduced to Alaska Young. Alaska is dangerous for Pudge, but his heart is soon stolen by her. Alaska and Colonel are a rebellious group at the school and love a good prank. At first Pudge does not know what he has gotten into, but in the end fits right in. Does boarding school change Miles “Pudge” Halter or does the girl change everything?

I enjoyed this book greatly from the second I opened it. I have read two other of John Green’s books and was excited to see how Looking for Alaska would be different from his other’s. John Green does an amazing job relating his stories to his audience and keeping them interested from beginning to end. There were times I had to continue reading, because I was so attached to the characters I had to know what happened next. The book is split into “Before” and “After”, and by the time I was reading the end I was left with so many thoughts.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Looking for Alaska, and would recommend it to anyone, who loves action and comedy mixed with a little romance.