R.J. S.

Me Talk Pretty One Day is one of the few comedic novels that I have read that simultaneously make me laugh, while I praise the writing. Author David Sedaris is a brilliant writer, able to conjoin the humorous elements of his fantastical failures with his own disjointed thoughts with such ease, you can imagine being in his situation, processing the information exactly as he did. Whether it is a complex story about the cultural differences between America and France, or his experience taking one gigantic dump, he is able to inject his charisma along with his ridiculous ideals in order to make the audience both sympathize with him, all while secretly hoping he is placed in more awkward situations for our amusement

The only consistent character is the narrator David Sedaris, recounting experiences, no matter how unpleasant, from his own life. His thoughts seem nonsensical and unreasonable at times, which just makes for a more rewarding story. There are many short stories that showcase his talent for getting into uncomfortable situations, and his reactions are priceless. The various other characters met, even if unnamed, are written so in depth yet so satirically, that each new one seems straight out of a sitcom. He usually learns a minor lesson from these experiences, which in turn leads to new experiences where Sedaris can use this newfound knowledge.

I can’t say I relate to a homosexual man’s experiences in rural France, so this novel doesn’t exactly connect to my own life. It merely makes me realize that any moment can be turned into a comedic one. The ideal audience should be moderately mature, and is most likely aimed towards young-middle aged adults, who can probably relate more to the various oddball situations Sedaris finds himself in throughout the years.