Sam G.

The book Fearless by Eric Blehm is a story about the journey of Navy SEAL, Adam Brown.  Brown’s journey in becoming a Navy SEAL was not easy.  Fearless tells the story of Adam Brown growing up in Arkansas and the path he took in eventually becoming a Navy SEAL.  Nothing came easy for Brown growing up with an older brother and twin sister.  Brown was fearless though.  Spending the majority of his youth jumping off bridges or going head to head in football with much larger football players.  Nothing scared Adam Brown.  The only thing that stopped Brown was his addiction to drugs.  After graduating high school, Brown struggled at college and turned to drugs to cope.  Originally just doing drugs occasionally with his friends, it eventually turned into a way of life for Adam.  Drugs changed Adam Brown.  Brown would disappear for weeks with his family at home worried sick.  In order to sustain his addiction, Adam Brown turned to crime.  This led to further problems for Brown as he now had a criminal record.  Each time he got caught, he would vow to his parents that he would go to rehab and put it in the past.  This went on for years as Adam relapsed time after time.  Fortunately for Adam Brown, he met the love of his life Kelley.  Kelley set the foundation for the next of Adam Brown’s life, the Navy.

Needing a way to prove to Kelley and his family that he had put drugs in the past, Adam Brown enlisted into the US Navy.  Though many people doubted Adam’s willpower to stay drug-free, Brown set his own goal to not only stay drug-free but to also become a prestigious Navy SEAL.  After years of hard work and determination, Adam Brown had become a Navy SEAL.  The book is made up of many stories told by his fellow Navy SEALs that occurred during his time while in Afghanistan.

For anyone that is interested in a story of perseverance or the fight against the Taliban, I strongly recommend reading “Fearless” by Eric Blehm.  Adam Brown’s biggest fight did not occur on the battlefield though.  For years Brown battled drugs that nearly ended his life.  Being outcasted for years, Brown had no other choice but to join the military.  Adam Brown is the ultimate American who sacrificed his life for the betterment of the United States.