Valentine D.

Username:Evie is a graphic novel by Joe Sugg. It follows the life of Evie, an average English schoolgirl that gets bullied by her cousin Mallory. She lost her mother years ago so when her father dies, she has to go live with her cousin and her family. She discovers that her father created a game called E.SCAPE. She is transported into the game. Mallory follows her and brings chaos and devastation to the game that they leave seconds before it reboots.

I knew Joe Sugg from his Youtube Channel, Thatcherjoe. I think he did a good job, it’s very entertaining and just really well written. I don’t have much of a connection with the book because I have never been to England and I don’t have a VR but I have been bullied for years by my cousin.

I think the ideal audience is the geeky youth. The types of people that spend their days playing video-games. There isn’t a love interest in the book so I doubt that most girls will like it. It is a very boyish book.