Matt E.

Fall River Dreams by Bill Reynolds is a novel about the history of Fall River over the past few decades. The life stories of many iconic Fall River alumni are highlighted throughout the book. Chris Herren, his brother Mike, and their past coaches are the main discussion point. The book starts off by describing what it was like in the earlier ages in Fall River. Then Fall River was a small but prosperous city, fueled by the 140 mills that made it the world’s leading textile center. People from all over were trying to pursue their dream  of attaining one of the Victorian homes in the city’s prestigious areas. After World War I the mills closed leaving Fall River like many other towns with high unemployment rate, crime,  high school dropout rates increasing, and families struggling to keep up with the economy

I thought this book was great. Previously watching the 30 for 30 (unguarded)  on chris Herren I knew that a book that told some of his life story would intrigue me very much. I think Bill Reynolds could’ve done a better of describing more of Herren’s life at home rather than just talking about his life on the court only.

Overall this book really doesn’t relate to me in anyway because the times back then were much different and so were the people. I like how it was about a town that is close to me as I could really understand the book and see the changes that have been made and how life in Fall River is different today. One quote from the book that sticks out is “once you grow up in Fall River it is so hard to get out.”